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Zeesleper Elbe

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ISBN: 9789086160846
Image copyright Lanasta  (2011)
Author Yvonne JAT Maij-van Walsum
Format HB
Publisher Lanasta  (2011)
Price £30.00
Availability In stock
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Please note this book is available as a Dutch language edition only. However it is extremely well illustrated, amounting to a photographic record of the Elbe. The Tugboat Elbe has most recently been restored. It is perhaps unique in that this one ship in its 50-one year old existence has experienced so many adventures� and still survives today.

The Elbe was built in 1959, particularly in a time when heavier vessels were required. This had do among other things with the development of large objects such as oil tankers and drilling platforms, which had be towed all around the world. The Elbe withan initial 4000 horsepower met this requirement.

In the service of L. Smit & Co she competed successfully, towing many huge items internationally. In 1985, she was bought by the environmental organization Greenpeace and saw much action with them.

Eventually in 2002, she was sold for restoration to a museum ship and now Elbe is the flag ship of the Sleepboothaven Maassluis (Tug port Maassluis) and the property of the Rijnmond maritime foundation.

Historically the village of Maassluis was a tug station for L. Smit and later Smit Internationale. Close to the sea, the tugs could quickly get to see when needed without having first to navigate the �Nieuwe Waterweg� from Rotterdam.